Oyster Lifestyle Village

Our philosophy

Oyster Lifestyle Village is designed for the over 50s community looking to invest in a special place for the next chapter of their lives. A home that beyond the essentials of good security, great facilities and a vibrant community, offers an unmatched lived experience.

Oyster lifestyle village will be managed and run like a hotel or a fine club rather than a retirement village. Members will enjoy choice, freedom and independence. Just the way you dreamed your retirement lifestyle would be.

The Development

Oyster Lifestyle Village has been thoughtfully designed and developed with seniors in mind. The village will boast a leisure centre with features such as a restaurant, TV lounge, library, beauty salon, gym and indoor swimming pool. Residents will also have access to a wellness centre alongside the village, providing primary healthcare and other services. 

The housing development offers homeowners complete transparency in the building, architectural design and sectional title purchase processes, aiming to offer each resident a quality lifestyle and a high return on investment.

Meet the team

We see a community that starts each day with a walk along the coastline or through the pristine community gardens. We see days spent enjoying new hobbies and socializing with like-minded friends. And evenings ending with the sounds of soft crashing waves through your bedroom window.