There’s something for everyone

A 2000m² Leisure Centre will be delivered including a management suite, restaurant and dining area, TV lounge and games room, library, beauty salon and nail bar, boardroom and business centre, gym and indoor heated pool plus a beautiful outdoor entertainment area. Back of house facilities include staff rooms and a laundry.

A Wellness Centre will be established on an adjoining site with direct pedestrian access for residents. The Wellness Centre will eventually offer primary healthcare as well as frail and memory care beds.


Restaurant and Dining

The leisure centre will have a restaurant to take care of meals on those days that you do not feel like cooking. You are also welcome to invite friends and family as your guests and to arrange functions on birthdays and on other special occasions.

TV lounge and games room

A lounge with big screen TV will be yours to use at your leisure and to watch sporting events like cricket, rugby and football matches with friends and fellow residents. A ladies bar will ensure that you are served the necessary libations to either celebrate or drown your sorrows depending on who wins!


A library will be set up to ensure that all of the bookworms in the village have adequate reading material and to provide a meeting place for the book club that will likely be formed by residents. Expect some comfortable reading chairs in the library as well as some bridge tables for those who want to keep their minds healthy and active.

Beauty Salon and Nail bar

You will find a beauty salon and nail bar in the leisure centre so that the ladies (and the gents if they are comfortable with their feminine side) can be pampered once or twice a week by visiting therapists.

Boardroom and 
business centre

The leisure centre will have a boardroom for use by the Body Corporate, various clubs, interests groups and residents. It will include a small business centre with high speed internet and photocopying facilities for those residents who are still commercially active.

Gym and heated pool

The leisure centre will have a fully equipped gym as well as an indoor heated pool and change rooms to ensure that residents have every opportunity to keep fit and healthy. A local instructor will be co opted to run gym sessions and water aerobics provided that demand warrants this investment.

entertainment area

There will be a covered outdoor patio outside the lounge and dining area with comfortable seating to enjoy when the weather permits. In addition there will be walkways and benches to enjoy all of the private open space within the village. PLaces to sit quietly and contemplate exciting new adventures or just to enjoy nature.

Looking to venture a little further?

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